Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr.


Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr. is the proud pastor of Church of Jesus Christ From God. He has been serving the community as senior pastor for 21 years.

Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr. was born into Church of Jesus Christ From God in 1967 and is a proud native of Houston, TX. He 

 The mantle was passed to Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr. in August of 2002 by C.O.J.C.F.G. former pastor, his father (the late Bishop Alex Berry). 

Bishop Berry is a talented musician who prior to becoming the pastor in 2002, worked with the GMWA of New Orleans and Houston. He has constructed and shaped several local church choirs and praise teams in the greater Houston area.  He also served as the coordinator on the board of National Church of Jesus Christ From God from 1997 until he became a pastor in 2002; then in 2015 he became the Presiding Bishop of National Church of Jesus Christ From God Inc. 

Bishop Berry is a learned man. In 2013, Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr. received his doctorate in divinity.

Bishop Berry travels all over teaching, preaching, prophesying, and praying. He teaches Christian believers to live a healthy and balanced life. He has dedicated his mission to restoring spiritual and mental health in the community.

Bishop Manuel Berry, Sr. is a devoted pastor, husband, and father dedicated to proving that being saved through Jesus Christ and having an abundance of life on earth are both possible.